About Us

Vision Statement :
“GIVE A CHILD A CHANCE” – Our vision is to reach and provide choices of affordable higher study opportunities to each and every aspiring student to achieve their dream of” Success in Life” through quality education and see that no student is left behind just because good quality and affordable education is not accessible to them.

Mission Statement:
As a well developed, professional and a global Education project management Organization we work towards being present all Over the world to provide with plenty of opportunities and choices to the student community by designing, developing and updating academic programs according to the industries needs by using the advantages of well developed Countries as a prominent destination for affordable and quality education.

Achievements :

ALLTERE is proud to be the first private Organization to introduce Chinese education and create awareness for English medium Chinese Education in AFRICA, MIDDLE EAST, SOUTH ASIA, SOUTH EAST ASIA and SOUTH AMERICA.
ALLTERE has been instrumental in setting up English taught programs in Chinese Universities in the field of medicine, engineering, management and a few other specialization.
ALLTERE has send more than 2500 Students from over 40 nations worldwide to study English Taught Program in Chinese universities .
ALLTERE has played an important role in the successful enrolling of the students into Chinese Universities by assisting its students in terms of Counseling and suggesting the right university according to the student needs and affordability, admission procedure, documentation, student arrivals and pick up services, assisting in registration at the Universities, assisting in general necessities like bank account opening, buying telephone card, fulfilling the students requirements of living by negotiating with the Universities for facilities given to students for a comfortable living and other assistance to students till the complete duration of the study.
This is possible to ALLTERE as ALLTERE has a full fledged office in CHINA with well qualified bilingual Chinese Staffs and international staffs available at the service of the students any time during the complete duration of study.

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