Theme of the Program — A Miraculous Tour: Chinese Medicine


We are happy to inform you about the SUMMER HOLIDAY PROGRAM offered by Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

About the Program:

Traditional Chinese medicine is undoubtedly deemed as the quintessence of Chinese culture. It has been

well recognized across the international community for its natural therapies, holistic medical philosophy

and significant clinical efficacy. Lectures, cultural experience and field trips offered in this program will

enable international students from very different cultural and educational backgrounds to get to know

Shanghai, understand Chinese culture and experience the magnificent traditional Chinese medicine.

Young volunteers are ready to welcome and help you.

Modules of the Program

  • Chinese Language and Culture
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Medicinalstudyoverseaschina
  • Acupuncture and Tuina
  • Clinical Application of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Life‐nurturing and Healthcare

Learning Patterns

  • Lectures on Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Chinese Language Learning
  • Experience Chinese Culture First‐Hand
  • Study Tours
  • Field Trips to Chinese Medicinal Gardens

The University offer two kinds of SCHOLARSHIP


To apply for Scholarship program there is no GRADE Criteria required, the student should be 16 and above. The students, who apply for the program without a delay, will get the Government scholarship or the University scholarship type accordingly.

The university started accepting the applications please hurry up to get the scholarship.

Date of the Program — June 15th (Sunday) July 11th, 2014 (Friday)

Period of the Program — 4 Weeks

 Application Deadline — April 30th, 2014

More details: http://www.studyoverseaschina.com/universities/view_couse_details/460/566/A_Miraculous_Tour:_Chinese_Medicine.html

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